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Sample Highlight

Fully automated highlights: No tagging. No editing. Videographer optional.

Our highlights include replays, slow-mo, and graphics; just like the pros.

How It Works

Capture Game Video

Upload to AmperVue

AmperVue Creates Highlights

Share With Stars, Fans, & Coaches

For Every Star

AmperVue’s highlights are personalized, making each participant a star. Consider a simple soccer goal: AmperVue produces a different clip for the assist, scorer, and the keeper. Each focused on their own contribution to the play.

For Every Fan

AmperVue creates highlights for every type of fan. Whether you watch highlights to improve skills, fine-tune a team, or just to celebrate awesomeness, we give every fan the type of video they want.


Don’t have time to watch the whole event? Who does! AmeprVue produces short highlights of the event’s most exciting moments.


You're busy, so we make it easy to find what you’d like to watch. Just your favorite star? Just the defense? Just Act II? One particular song? No problem. It’s your time - watch what you want.

Slow Motion

The pros get slow motion coverage of their best moves; now your stars will too. Many of AmperVue highlights include a slow-motion shot isolating a star’s technique. There’s nothing like slow-motion to improve your play; or just enjoy your awesomeness.


AmperVue’s highlight creation is fully automated. Just upload the source video of the entire event, and we take it from there. When the clips are ready to view, we’ll send you a notice and you can view them on your phone, computer, or, even better, on the big screen.

How do I start?

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AmperVue is all about sharing, so you’ll need to define a group (team, troupe, or class) that wants to share the event video, and invite other members to join.

Once you've joined a group, our Video Upload Wizard makes uploading easy.

First choose and existing Event or create a new one.
Then upload your full game video. We prefer HD or 4K vido that captures the whole event. We will zoom in for personalized highlights.

Once you’ve uploaded all the video for the event, simply request highlights and we’ll take it from there. AmperVue’s automated video processing server will create personalized highlights for each exciting moment in the event.

Note that we do not currently support all types of events. If your event is not yet supported, feel free to send us a message to tell us about your event and to tell us you will like to see us support it.

Once we've created the highlights, we’ll notify your group and they can view the highlights for free. If there are other groups (like teams or class rooms), that are also featured in the event, please help us make sure they find the event and link it to their group. Then they’ll get highlights as well.